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Planning an Event for Aortic Disease Awareness Week

September 19 is the day that events take place around the world for aortic disease education and for information and support for survivors. We look to cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists to take the lead in these events, working with their hospital marketing department to create a meaningful program that enhances patient care, supports the community of survivors, and leads to good will for the institution.

And, when you hold an event on September 19, you are part of a huge global effort that puts the spotlight on aortic disease and saves lives.

We recommend that, if you would like to host an event, planning should begin in March. Here are guidelines.

  • Secure a location at your institution that is available on September 19 and invite the speakers. We suggest a presentation by 2-3 doctors, including a cardiac surgeon, cardiologist, and or geneticist, as well as a presentation by one patient (survivor). The whole event should be two or three hours, at most.
  • Arrange for light refreshments.
  • Create an invitation (can be electronic) and send it to healthcare providers, patients, and families.
  • Promote in advance in local media as well as on social media.
  • Submit details on your event through the form on the right. 

Remember, you can always download materials from our website in your language. If we don’t offer materials in your language, help us translate and we will create them or you! 

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